So, you might be wondering, why a turnip? What is this all about? It’s an old inside joke. I have a hard term sensing when something is meant to be a joke and tend to respond with a serious response to a rhetorical question that is meant to be humorous. A friend told me that I have the sense of humor that God gave a Turnip. While I tend to mostly disagree, I can’t quite shake the truth that I do indeed have a serious mind, sometimes when a lighter approach is called for. So here we are: The Turnip Life.

One of my names is Andy McLamb and I have many on-line aliases. I wrote under the pseudonym UUZennie for a long time, but I wanted to have a space where I can write whatever I feel like and the Bayou City Buddhist Blog I used to write was too constraining in a way. What will you read here? Book reviews, History books, Buddhist Books, other Religious Books, Ranty things I think about the world. Whatever is a burr in my saddle at the moment.